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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Coach

laura jacksonLaura Jackson is a well-known San Diego Clairvoyant, Medium and author of two books. After becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist she began to work intensely on the healing abilities attributed to the White Horse Meditations in combination with Hypnotherapy. Nationally acclaimed TV and Radio psychic and clairvoyant, Laura Jackson is a personality, lecturer, author, and guest speaker. She provides positive, accurate readings, and past life regressions. Psychic readings and information on ESP, angels, holistic health, healing, psychic and aura readings and Personal Coaching. In her life long quest to find where science, mind, and body connect, she devoted herself to studying Metaphysics, spirituality, and nearly every self-help book relating to all forms of healing (mental, emotional, and spiritual.)

This has been her true passion. Early in life her first creative love was art. She painted her thoughts and imaginings on canvas. However, not totally satisfied with self-discovery through art, books, research and writing, she wanted to stop seeking and become the finder. She had researched the questions of life, but now wanted the answers. What makes the human spirit tick? What drives humans forward on endless journeys through life? Where are we going and where have we been? She became introspective and began to take a microscopic look at how things work to discover where healing begins.

“It is very difficult to describe to someone what I do or how I do it. To some degree, this is because I was born with the gift of pre-cognitive awareness and insight that some people label as Clairvoyant. For the past twenty years I have worked full time talking with people all over the world. When I talk with people I feel it as an awesome responsibility. I find it incredible that on one hand, perfect strangers are willing to pour out the most intimate details of their lives to me so that I might help them. On the other hand, it is a job I know I was born to do.

Over the years I have become skilled at helping individuals understand the dynamics of their relationships. Not all relationships can be fixed but all people can fix themselves from the problems in their lives that are keeping them for having happy, fulfilling experiences. I feel I heal love wounds. Some of these wounds go way back into childhood and if they are not addressed, they can literally ruin one’s chances of being happy, well adjusted adults in loving, happy relationships.

Not everyone wants to address their roll in perpetuating their personal wounds into their relationship. They merely want me to tell them what they want to hear. That would be easy, but unethical for me to do. However, they would feel temporarily better. I believe in showing them the truth even if the truth is not what they think they want to know or hear. Telling them what they want to hear is like putting a little band-aid on a big open, festering wound. It is only going to get worse. The wound needs to be cleaned and healed before one can resume normal activities.

Love relationships are like that. Someone has hurt our feeling and we want to blame them for what we are feeling. While we are hurting, we are disconnected from what the other person must be feeling or going through. One needs to hear and understand the other persons point of view, otherwise life would all be one sided. And that wouldn’t be any fun nor would it provide an opportunity to grow. Fortunately, through Clairvoyant work and Intuitive Hypnotherapy, these issues can be modified or changed.”

about laura jackson

A Note from Laura Jackson

I have had the absolute joy of working with clients here in San Diego, across the US, and abroad for over twenty-five years. So many wonderful people of all walks of life have used my services that it makes me truly privileged to do the work that I do. My destiny was set forth before I was born, therefore, all of my work is God centered, clear and positive. Relationship issues are my specialty.

However, I have excellent skills regarding career, money, personal management and spiritual growth. Do you have a concern about a pet? Consult me regarding your animals, they are extremely intuitive. I have a small section in my book about animals and their powers of observation and intuition.

Please remember that everyone has some psychic abilities, but personally, I would only place my trust in a professional who was born with clairvoyant insight.

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