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Clairvoyant in San Diego“When seeking a professional in any field, one wants to find the very best, the one who can get the job done and done right.”

I provide you with Psychic Readings and information regarding the intuitive world, what to look for in a professional intuitive/clairvoyant and to watch out for the pretenders. Genuine Clairvoyants with strong intuitive abilities were born knowing things beyond ordinary experience. It is the feeling of knowing that allows a naturally intuitive individual to know things about you.

Plato said that “knowledge is innate” (inside you), so that learning is really the development of the ideas and concepts that are already buried deep within your soul. To access this knowledge one often needs the guidance of a genuine intuitive clairvoyant to help pull this knowledge from you and to reveal it to you.

Plato believed that each soul existed before birth and the soul held a form of “good and perfect knowledge of everything.” Thus when something appears to be learned it is actually just recalled. And the recalling of that information can be done by a professional intuitive clairvoyant that was born with the awareness of knowing information.

Therefore when a professional with strong intuition and clairvoyant abilities is sitting with a client he or she is actually recalling the knowledge held within that person and then gives that information to the client.
What is the difference between a psychic and an intuitive clairvoyant?

The number one difference is that everyone to some degree or another has psychic abilities. Everyone at sometime in their life as felt, seen or sensed something was going to happen.

When you walk into a room filled with strangers most people can sense those people they want to talk to and reject others without having any prior knowledge of any of the people present in the room. To have developed intuition and clairvoyant insight would mean you were born with this ability.

It is a natural part of you. I have taught groups of people how to develop psychic abilities. One of those groups was associated with San Diego State University during their Intuition 101 seminar.

Are you being tricked out of your hard earned money? Individuals who have been taught to read the Tarot cards or use common psychological means to obtain information for the purpose of offering psychic readings are only offering opinions not genuine insight that can be offered by a good professional intuitive clairvoyant.

Plato drew a strong distinction between knowledge which is certain, and opinion which is not certain. Opinions are derived from the ever changing world of sensation. Unscrupulous psychics use scare tactics (a form of negative sensation) to hold you in fear and create a dependency with you to them to fix your problems.

They will charge huge fees, require cash to burn candles or to “meditate” on your dire situation, which in fact, once they have your money, they do neither. A very good professional intuitive clairvoyant would never charge you more than the stated fee and would never use scare tactics to keep you bound to them.

What to look for in a genuine professional Intuitive Clairvoyant
As a national and internationally known intuitive clairvoyant, I provide thought-provoking information to my clients and students on subjects such as ESP, angels, holistic health, healing, aura readings, self-development, the power of belief and right action and positive thinking, meditation, spiritual development, creative visualization, art as a therapeutic modality and writing to access the inner knowledge that Plato addressed.

I hear these words from my clients after every session, “I feel so much better every time I talk to you.” Frankly, after I talk with them they don’t want to leave. You should feel better! Any time you can receive insight into your life, that insight gives you the advantage to direct your actions to produce the desired outcome. If a person possesses genuine intuitive/clairvoyant skills, their intention is provide information that can heal your life.

Heightened awareness can improve your relationships, create money and opportunities and could save your life! The following are areas of interest you might want to discuss in your session with me.

  • Relationships
  • Childhood issues
  • Past Lives
  • Career
  • Health/healing
  • Meditation
  • Higherself
  • Auroras
  • Visualization
  • Writing/art
  • Pets/animals
  • Mediumship
  • Angels
  • Develop positive thinking

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