An Angel Saved My Life

Tucson was famous for flash floods. Their roads travel through dry riverbeds. When it rains the riverbeds become raging rivers. Most of the citizens of Tucson know it is suicidal to drive into a riverbed during a rainstorm.

Friends and I had enjoyed the evening out one summer’s evening. At midnight I left to go home to catch some sleep for a few hours because later that night at 3:00 am I had agreed to take a friend to the airport. As I drove home, the night was cool and the streets were still damp from a light rain earlier in the evening.

Since the rain had stopped and the stars were out, I wasn’t concerned as I drove across two dry riverbeds before reaching my house. I fell asleep right away and awoke to my alarm clock two hours later. I had to hurry to pick up my friend and get him to the airport on time. After jumping into my corvette, I noticed that the roads were still damp but it wasn’t raining and stars were shinning through a thin layer of clouds. What I didn’t know was that while I was sleeping a powerful storm had dumped a torrent of rain on Tucson and turned our dry riverbeds into raging waters.

At 80 miles and hour I was flying down the hills toward central Tucson. We lived in the foothills of Tucson where there are no streetlights. I was alone on the road and the night was very dark except for the stars. There were no buildings or homes lit up at that hour of the morning to help cast light on the road ahead of me. I had the Rialto River to cross before heading for my friend’s home.

One cannot see the condition of the riverbeds until one is about to cross them. Near the bottom of the hill, within yards of the riverbed, a commanding voice ordered me to STOP. The voice was so commanding that I threw on the brake without question and found myself a car’s lengths away from an over flowing violent river. I felt terrified because at the speed I was traveling my car would have crashed in the middle of the river. The river would have carried me rapidly downstream to my death. No one would have found me, or my car until the daylight.

I got out of my car to thank the person who yelled for me to stop. I looked all around me and at the dark hills that surrounded me and yelled, “thank you” into the darkness but there was no one, no voice. For many moments all I heard was what I called ‘stark silence’ and then I heard the rage of the river. I was dumbfounded. I thought I would see a policeman or a street worker or a Good Samaritan, someone. Then I remembered that the corvette’s engine was quite loud and I had had the radio full blast. How could I have heard a voice? Had it come over the radio? Where then?

At 21 I had very strong faith in angels and my angel guidance. It was because of this faith that it became clear to me that it was an angel or God that spoke to me. It just wasn’t my time to go. There was no other explanation. I was saved for some reason I may never know in this lifetime, but at that moment, the reason didn’t matter to me because I knew that God or an angel had spoken only one word to me that evening and that one word saved my life.

One of the things that event taught me is that physical death is real and that everyone must have a certain destiny, a certain amount of time to experience the quality of their lives. Right then and there I knew we had choices to make, avenues to go down. I also learned that as humans we frequently ignore our intuitive signals and make unwise choices that literally screw up our lives for a while.

True Encounters

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