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Laura Jackson, Hypnotherapist
san diego hypnotherapyIs your professional life stagnant, your relationships going nowhere? Call a professional Intuitive like Laura Jackson for San Diego Hypnotherapy!

Personal growth and development is one of the hottest topics today. Everyone wants to get ahead of their game, particularly right now. That is one reason America has seen a boom in the number of people seeking the services of a professional Certified Hypnotherapist. These professionals give their clients the confidence to get unstuck — to change careers, repair relationships, delve into their childhood or past experiences or simply get their act together.

My clients are not incompetent or weak. They are smart, educated, everyday, normal people who want to explore improving their lives through the combination of intuitive guidance and hypnotherapy.

My clients realize the value of having somebody to help them think outside the box and are willing to develop new avenues of experience to grow in a more prosperous and happy direction.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is fast and efficient and can quickly resolve old habits and negative thoughts that have literally stopped an individual from attaining the life they dream. Einstein said that it is a fool who keeps doing the same things over and over again and yet still expects new results.

Being both a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach is a dynamic combination that I use to bring out the best in a person to help them succeed in what ever area of interest they have. Being extraordinarily intuitive gives me and advantage when working with a client. I can get to the core of the issue quicker and can resolve the situation or problem faster. Following up Hypnosis with professional life coaching is a combination that my clients find very successful. Hypnotherapy plus Life Coaching is a new option for those who are worried or struggling with career or relationships issues. Intuitive Hypnotherapy plus Life Coaching is the fast tract to freedom because it deals with the here and now without years of delving into childhood mother/father issues.

With Developed intuitional abilities I can quickly reveal the event or problem that started somewhere within you and Hypnotherapy can efficiently help to resolve the issue by allowing you to defining a better future. Individuals suffering from deep mental or emotional impairment should seek professional help from Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

Some areas where you could benefit using a professional Intuitive Hypnotherapist:

  • Resolving relationship issues
  • Help to resolve childhood issues that are still holding your back from fully enjoying your life.
  • Re-programing your career
  • Re-organizing or prioritizing your life
  • Career issues
  • Creating better health habits
  • Developing a positive, pro-active attitude
  • Resolving grief and moving forward
  • Resolving loneliness or empty nest syndrome

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