Client Testimonials

Laura, you have enlightened me. Your energy level is beautiful and you gave me the tools I need to listen to my own inner voice so I can now happily go forward without the issues that have held me back. I am eternally grateful.
– Susan Malik

Laura, I always want you to know that your help and your words of encouragement have always helped me. You have seen me through many problems and I really appreciate you.
– Mary Jane Gardner

Laura, I am ever so grateful for the hypnotherapy work that I have been blessed to do with you. When we had the hypnotherapy session in the mountains, your enlightened intuitive work helped open a floodgate of profound healing for me that has allowed me to access higher levels of spirituality which were blocked subconscious patterns. You not only know your work, you ARE your work. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. Many blessings.
– Mary Snyder, Lac DAOM

You are like a second mother to me Laura. I feel so much better every time I see you.
– Yolanda Freeman

The work you did for my daughter, I believe, saved her life. She was on such a downward spiral after the loss of her father that no one could reach her, but you did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Jennifer S.

Laura, you are so good at what you do, everybody should know about you!
– Nadia S.

Laura, I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I have been to have you in my life. Your skill in helping me cope with some of the many challenges that I have faced has been remarkable. Your intuition and clear-headedness when approaching a problem or crisis, ceases to amaze me. I know from talking with you, your gift has helped many people. Thank you for always being there for me and all the others that rely on your expertise.
– Ellie Crowley

Laura, thank you for seeing me today, I felt a lot better after I saw you. I feel more positive and I now feel happy in my new relationship. I am very glad that I found you and I am looking forward to seeing you again.
– MJ

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